SPRINZ TWS System Classic
TWS System Classic

Visually powerful wall design with aluminium profile

Wall glazing with motif
System TWS Classic – for truly large wall design

You can use System TWS Classic to design large wall layouts up to 3.200 mm wide. The Sprinz wall panel is made of break-proof toughened safety glass. Holes or surface cut-outs are possible, depending on technical feasibility. The patented profile is almost invisible and is suitable for swift modernisations and installation in new builds. Walls in private bathrooms or building bathrooms can be custom-designed with light, colour and image motifs.


Technical details

  • 8 or 10 mm break-proof toughened safety glass made of white glass
  • UV digital printing dimensions up to 3.200 x 1.600 mm
  • Ceramic screen printing dimensions: up to 3.700 x 2.200 mm
  • Weight: about 20 kg per m²
  • All processing such as drill holes or cut-outs possible, depending on whether they are technically feasible
  • Fastening profiles affixed along the entire length of glass edges above and below at the factory
  • Hygienic due to smooth surface
  • Polished edges (standard)
  • Thermally resistant and easy to clean
  • Gleaming colours, pin-sharp motifs
  • Single RAL colour or motif collection
  • Special motifs can be acquired on different portals online

Fastening system

SPRINZ TWSClassic Skizze Schnitt Aufhaengung sw EN.png

System TWS Classic is fastened with a patented profile system. The fastening is almost invisible and is quickly and flawlessly installed by the trade professional. The system is suitable for full-height partitions and glazing panels.


Overview of screen print patterns

Pure white 9010
Graphite black 9011
Grey aluminium 9007
Ruby red 3003
Light ivory 1015
Yellow green 6018
Green beige

RAL 1000


RAL 1014

Oyster white

RAL 1013

Olive yellow

RAL 1020

Colza yellow

RAL 1021

Traffic yellow

RAL 1023

Carmine red

RAL 3002

Purple red

RAL 3004

Wine red

RAL 3005

Black red

RAL 3007

Brilliant blue

RAL 5007

Turquoise blue

RAL 5018

Capri blue

RAL 5019

Ocean blue

RAL 5020

Pastel blue

RAL 5024

Patina green

RAL 6000

Olive green

RAL 6003

Bottle green

RAL 6007

Black olive

RAL 6015

Pastel green

RAL 6019

Olive drab

RAL 6022

Mint turquoise

RAL 6033

Pastel turquoise

RAL 6034

Squirrel grey

RAL 7000

Silver grey

RAL 7001

Moss grey

RAL 7003

Signal grey

RAL 7004

Mouse grey

RAL 7005

Beige grey

RAL 7006

Green grey

RAL 7009

Iron grey

RAL 7011

Basalt grey

RAL 7012

Slate grey

RAL 7015

Anthracite grey

RAL 7016

Black grey

RAL 7021

Umbra grey

RAL 7022

Concrete grey

RAL 7023

Graphite grey

RAL 7024

Stone grey

RAL 7030

Blue grey

RAL 7031

Pebble grey

RAL 7032

Light grey

RAL 7035

Platinum grey

RAL 7036

Dusty grey

RAL 7037

Agate grey

RAL 7038

Quartz grey

RAL 7039

Window grey

RAL 7040

Traffic grey A

RAL 7042

Traffic grey B

RAL 7043

Silk grey

RAL 7044

Telegrey 1

RAL 7045

Telegrey 2

RAL 7046

Telegrey 4

RAL 7047

Nut brown

RAL 8011

Sepia brown

RAL 8014

Chestnut brown

RAL 8015

Mahogany brown

RAL 8016

Chocolate brown

RAL 8017

Grey brown

RAL 8019

Pale brown

RAL 8025


RAL 9003
RAL 9010
RAL 9016


RAL 9004
RAL 9005
RAL 9011
RAL 9017

Papyrus white

RAL 9018

More colours...

... can be ordered freely from the RAL CLASSIC colour system. Sample compulsory (at extra cost).


Overview of 2-colour screen print patterns

1201 Blattstrucktur sd Fotolia 102728064.jpgLeaf structure 1201
1203 Meissen sd 2018 11 09 16 04 49.jpgMeissen 1203
1205 Southhampton sd 2018 11 09 16 05 43.jpgSouthampton 1205

World of Motifs

4011 Wellensturm shutterstock 318681374 print WEB 2018 11 15 10 09 26 2019 01 21 12 47 12.jpg

Gleaming, photo-realistic motifs are not only a real eye-catcher, but also give bathrooms a unique vibrancy. Choose your favourite motif from the extensive Sprinz motif catalogue. Sprinz will also print your own template on request. High-grade printing methods ensure a perfect visual effect and a long life cycle. Select your ideal image from the motif catalogue. Cut-outs can be adjusted for any pattern if the x and y coordinates are indicated.

Premium LED
Premium LED
Safety glass and LED – with changing colours and radiant motifs
System Classic
System Classic
Rear wall of fine glass – single colour or printed with motifs
TWS System Premium LED
TWS System Premium LED
Safety glass and LED? With changing colours and radiant motifs
TWS System Classic
TWS System Classic
Rear panel of fine glass? Single colour or printed with motifs
Spare parts
Spare parts
You can order spare parts here
World of Motifs
World of Motifs
Online image catalogue
World of Showers
World of Showers
Glass showers? From super compact to spacious shower palace
Partition systems
Partition systems
Toilet partitions, sanitary and dressing rooms creatively designed


Brochures & catalogues sanitary

SPRINZ World of showersSPRINZ World of bathrooms

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