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Inspiration for outdoor spaces

SPRINZ Exterieur Gestaltung Efeu

Unlimited variety for glass in outdoor areas

Glass is used a variety of ways in outdoor areas. You can custom-design a privacy screen, glass fence, stairway and balcony glazing or a canopy precisely to measure. Different fittings and profiles join the glass elements in a way which matches the surroundings and architecture. Colours and motifs, including personal favourite motifs, are beautifully printed to last. Discover what possibilities are open to you.


Details you need to take into account when purchasing glass for outdoor areas

Wind zones
As per DIN 1055-4, Germany is divided into four wind zones, which are each subject to a different wind load. The wind zone can be calculated for each location and has a direct influence on the maximum dimensions of glass elements. Official notifications from local authorities are binding. We'll provide information about the wind zone applicable in your area on request.

Legal acceptance of SPRINZ glass elements
The purchaser themselves must find out about legality of a glass privacy, wind or soundproofing screen enclosure from the relevant authorities. We do not have a certified approval for the Premium system above a width of 1.000 mm.

Toughened safety glass for fences
We offer solutions based on modern processing technologies which fulfil virtually every task when security is a prime concern. We have developed toughened safety glass which are tested and certified for all types of circumstances. That's because security takes priority when it comes to the crunch. Our SPRIDUR toughened safety glass has three characteristic properties:
• Increased resistance to changes in temperature
• Bending strength about three times greater and impact and shock resistance higher than with float glass
• SPRIDUR toughened glass shatters into small, loose fragments if broken, thus posing a reduced risk of injury.

Laminated safety glass for balcony balustrades and canopies
In the case of overhead glazing, SPRISAFE laminated safety glass comprises at least two glass panes and a intermediate layer consisting of tear-resistant polyvinyl-butyral film (PVB). SPRISAFE laminated safety glass impresses due to its optimum safety. If the glass breaks, the pieces stick to the PVB film and reduce the injury hazard. All our SPRISAFE glazings have received approval from an officially recognised testing centre. These glazings meet maximum safety requirements.


Glass types at a glance

SPRINZ Glasart Klarglas webClear glass

Clear glass with greenish edges

SPRINZ Glasart Weissglas webWhite glass

Clear glass with reduced proportion of green

SPRINZ Glasart Parsolbronze webParsol bronze

Transparent bronze-coloured glass

SPRINZ Glasart FordBlue webFord blue

Transparent blue-coloured glass

SPRINZ Glasart Parsolgruen webParsol Green

Transparent green dyed glass

SPRINZ Glasart MastercarreHell webMastercarré light

Recessed checks with slightly opaque rippled pattern


Matt surfaces, radiant colours and motifs on glass

SPRINZ Exterieur Gestaltung Vielfalt Motivwelt

Sprinz prints glass elements in colour with patterns and photo-realistic motifs. This creates matt white, milk-white and diamond-white surfaces. Colour surfaces can feature most standard RAL colours. Alternatively, we can agree on the required colour with you. You will find patterns and vibrant images in the Motif World. On request, Sprinz will print almost any motif, such as your favourite photo or a company logo. Colours are applied using a digital or screen printing process. before being fired at about 700 °C. As a result, prints are non-fading, solvent- and UV-resistant. The surface can be cleaned easily and is extremely hygienic.


Printed side neighbour's side/garden side

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Printed glass elements have a colour side and glass side. The ceramic paints are printed and fired into the colour side. This colour side faces the neighbouring property in a privacy and wind screen and is called the neighbour's side. The non-printed glass side faces your property, what is known as the garden side. This information is required for all glass bevel cuts.

Standard glass dimensions

Tailor-made custom solutions

Tailor-made custom solutions

As unique as you are

Unique glass in outdoor areas require more than just standard solutions. That's why Sprinz creates tailor-made solutions which make a perfect fit. Here, you'll find the right idea for everything, whether you require a privacy and wind screen, flexible balcony and terrace glazing, balcony balustrades or a canopy. Talk to us and together we will work out a suitable solution. The on-site measurement service collects all data, which are then checked and realised in our factory.

Privacy screens
Privacy screens
Noise, wind and glances stay on the outside with opaque- or matt-printed safety glass.
Post systems
Post systems
System Compact and System Premium combine individual glass elements to form a privacy screen or glass fence.
Balcony systems
Balcony systems
Create with clear glass, colour and frosting
Safety glass for light and weather protection
Motion Outdoor
Motion Outdoor
Sliding system – can also be retrofitted
Ideas made of glass, with ceramic print and LEDs for outdoor areas
You will find façades and stairways under Architecture
Spare parts
Spare parts
You can order spare parts here