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Create outdoor living environments with glass

SPRINZ Exterieur Gartenbeispiel

Individual glass products for outdoor spaces

You can create private, public or commercial outdoor spaces as a stylish ensemble or a customised solution with the Sprinz product range. Choose printed glass elements in an elegant aluminium profile for your privacy screens and wind screens on balconies and terraces. Discreet matt white or printed with one of the many motifs – deceptively real. Printed glass elements save space, are enduringly beautiful and easy to maintain. Ideal as a glass fence on the property boundary. Or choose a flexible balcony and terrace glazing which you can open and close as required. Create balcony hand rails to match a privacy screen or glass fence and ensure everything coordinates. Timelessly elegant Sprinz canopies bring protection and more light. All Sprinz glass ideas meet a high standard in design and function for outdoor areas.

SPRINZ Exterieur Sichtschutz
Privacy screen

Noise, wind and glances stay on the outside with opaque- or matt-printed safety glass and a post system. Sprinz glass fences and wind screens on balconies and terraces impress with their small footprint and easy-to-clean, maintenance-free surfaces.

SPRINZ Exterieur Pfostensystem
Post systems

Post systems hold the glass elements for the glass fence or privacy screen on balcony or terrace. Different surfaces, integrated hinged doors, LED lighting or mobile solutions provide tailor-made privacy screens.

SPRINZ Exterieur Balkonsysteme
Glass balustrades

Glass balcony systems make balconies look bigger, bringing them an air of lightness. From complete transparency with clear glass through to highly opaque colour, Sprinz offers plenty of scope for design.

SPRINZ Schiebesystem Motion2000Outdoor Wintergarten
Motion Outdoor

Balcony or terrace glazing extends enjoyment of the fair weather season significantly. The transparent slide panels can be moved around in a profile as required.

SPRINZ Exterieur Vordaecher2

Safety glass canopies blend into any architectural style with their clear design. Sprinz offers linear-mounted overhead glazing or point-supported glazing panes.

SPRINZ Exterieur Gestaltung

Sprinz glass products allow you to be highly creative in outdoor areas. You can fashion tailor-made solutions with different glazings, ceramic print and LED lighting. Discover all the options open to you here.



Also with LEDAlso with LED

This product is also available with illumination

Also with motifAlso with motif

This product can be personalized with a motif


You save time and money, because no elaborate maintenance is necessary


Easy cleaning guaranteed: Simply use a neutral detergent, warm water or a pressure washer

Ceramic digital and screen printingCeramic digital and screen printing

Colours and motifs are printed with ceramic inks and fired into the glass. They are non-fading, solvent-resistant, and abrasion-resistant according to DIN standard.

Never paint againNever paint again

You save time and money: With glass elements, expensive and time-consuming painting is a thing of the past

Legal permissibilityLegal permissibility

Ask your local authorities about legal permissibility of erecting a glass fence. For widths of more than 1.000 mm there is no certified permit for the Premium system

Wind zonesWind zones

To determine the maximum size of glass elements, ask us about the wind zone for your location.

made in Germanymade in Germany

Our products are developed and manufactured “made in Germany” in our Sprinz factories with more than 130 years’ experience


Sprinz products are durable, so they contribute to sustainable building


Tailor-made custom solutions

Tailor-made custom solutions

As unique as you are

Unique glass in outdoor areas require more than just standard solutions. That's why Sprinz creates tailor-made solutions which make a perfect fit. Here, you'll find the right idea for everything, whether you require a privacy and wind screen, flexible balcony and terrace glazing, balcony balustrades or a canopy. Talk to us and together we will work out a suitable solution. The on-site measurement service collects all data, which are then checked and realised in our factory.

Privacy screens
Privacy screens
Noise, wind and glances stay on the outside with opaque- or matt-printed safety glass.
Post systems
Post systems
System Compact and System Premium combine individual glass elements to form a privacy screen or glass fence.
Balcony systems
Balcony systems
Create with clear glass, colour and frosting
Safety glass for light and weather protection
Motion Outdoor
Motion Outdoor
Sliding system – can also be retrofitted
Ideas made of glass, with ceramic print and LEDs for outdoor areas
You will find façades and stairways under Architecture
Spare parts
Spare parts
You can order spare parts here