Omega Inloop shower with breaking waves motif and glass cut-out
Design of glass showers

Custom-design shower, partition and glass door
Colour, motif print and custom-fit special solutions for unique bathrooms

Omega shower with screen printing in discretion area

Shower any way you like

Sprinz shows you what is possible where off-the-rail solutions don't fit or are not wanted. The glass shower enclosure is custom-manufactured to tailor-fit under sloping roofs or with special cut-outs. Colours and motifs, including personal favourite motifs, are beautifully printed to last. These create a customised shower along with selected handles, hinge finishes and discreet wall mounts.


Shower type

SPRINZ RahmenloseDusche FEATURE.jpg

Frameless showers

Ultra-slim, high-quality hinges in different finishes to match components such as the fittings that join glass elements to one another, to the wall or to the doors as a moving part. They are flush-mounted with the surface of the toughened safety glass, which makes them easier to clean and maintain.

SPRINZ TeilgerahmteDusche FEATURE.jpg
Partially framed showers

In old buildings with uneven walls, the profile of partially framed showers compensates for much of the unevenness and an exact fit can be ensured safely and reliably for floor-level showers. For example, the profiles offer greater sturdiness and splash protection and can be combined with flush-mounted hinges.


Access options

Piktogramm Schwingtuer web.pngSwing door, one-way

A swing door with one or two panels offers safe and easy access. To open the doors, there needs to be a large enough area in front of the shower.

Piktogramm Pendeltuer web.pngSwing door, two-way

A two-way swing door is ideal if there is little space as the glass door opens outwards and inwards. If the cabin is large enough, the door is easy to close after entering the shower.

Piktogramm Schiebetuer web.pngSliding door

Profile showers with sliding doors are sturdy and ideal for bathrooms with a small layout, offering generous access widths. Clever, lift-up profiles and guides ensure easy cleaning.

Piktogramm Falttuer web.pngFolding door

Compact bathrooms need shower doors and glass elements that are easy to fold away to the side to create space. A folding solution is possible for SPRINZ framed showers with a profile and some frameless showers.

Piktogramm Pendelfalttuer web.pngFolding swing door

Special hinges enable glass doors to save space by conveniently folding away both inwards and outwards like an accordion. The SPRINZ raise-and-lower mechanism offers special splash protection for walk-in showers.

Piktogramm VersetzterDrehpunkt web.pngOffset rotation point

A door hinge with an offset rotation point of, for example, 150 mm allows a glass door to be opened far ahead of any obstacle such as a radiator, bathroom furniture or a wall projection, enabling a one-way or two-way swing door to be installed.

Piktogramm Walkin web.pngWalk-in glass shower

Fixed glass walls can be combined with rear panels and a shower base made of glass. Narrow, moving side elements create a flexible splash guard. Glass elements are made to measure.

Piktogramm Seitenwand web.pngSide wall

In many bathrooms, a single side wall made from toughened safety glass, also possible as an attachment for bathtubs, offers splash protection and plenty of space to shower. Glass elements are made to measure.


Wall mount

Sprinz Duschen Wandbefestigung Collage.jpg

There are different systems for frameless and partially framed showers. Each wall mount provides a stable, secure hold on the glass wall and shower door. Yet each hinge is as discreet and slim as possible to ensure elegant glass shines across the entire surface.


Handles and accessories

SPRINZ Zubehoer RubinGriff 1seitig ret web 2018 10 30 16 21 25.jpgSPRINZ Zubehoer Glasschwert web.jpg

The right handle will enhance any shower, making it easier to open and close the shower door thanks to a well-conceived ergonomic design.
Elegant, practical accessories such as towel rails, shelves or stabilizing bars make daily shower pleasure complete.


Hinge finishes

SPRINZ Beschlagoberflaechen Kopfgrafik web 2019 01 29 15 18 11.jpg

You can choose from a variety of handles and hinges with more than 80 different special finishes to create frameless dream showers matching your own personal style. From opulent to enigmatic, in perfect harmony with the fittings of leading manufacturers. This is the way to plan custom bathrooms with character.


Special glazings

SPRINZ Glasart Klarglas web.jpgClear glass

Clear glass with greenish edges

SPRINZ Glasart Weissglas web.jpgWhite glass

Clear glass with reduced proportion of green

SPRINZ Glasart SatinatoHell web.jpgSatinato light

Frosted etched glass

SPRINZ Glasart Parsolgrau web.jpgParsol grey

Transparent grey-coloured glass

SPRINZ Glasart Parsolbronze web.jpgParsol bronze

Transparent bronze-coloured glass

SPRINZ Glasart ChinchillaHell web.jpgChinchilla light

Animal skin effect with slightly opaque deep structure

SPRINZ Glasart MastercarreHell web.jpgMastercarré light

Recessed checks with slightly opaque rippled pattern

SPRINZ Glasart MasterLigne web.jpgMaster ligné

Recessed dots with slightly opaque rippled pattern

SPRINZ Glasart SR200Hell web.jpgSR 200 white

Irregular, slightly opaque deep structure

SPRINZ Glasart Masterpoint web.jpgMasterpoint

Recessed dots with slightly opaque rippled pattern

SPRINZ Glasart AntelioSilver web.jpgAntelio Silver

Opaque, slightly tinted glass with greenish edges


The matt glass Satinato is the perfect fit where a privacy screen is a top priority. Chrome mirror glass brings visual breadth to a bathroom. Parsol blue is synonymous with retro chic. Discover the right glass for your shower to ensure a customised end result.


Glass finish

SPRINZ Kopfgrafik SpriClean SpriMedical Veredelung web.jpg

Invisible surface finishes are useful helpers on a daily basis. With SpriClean®, glass surfaces can be cleaned more easily and maintained even more effectively. SpriMedical® gives you a good feeling that you are truly doing everything for hygienic glass surfaces.


Printing methods

SPRINZ Omega Siebdruck Duschglas.jpgSPRINZ SystemPremiumLED 4007Mainau print WEB.jpg

SPRINZ showers give colour accents to bathrooms with printed glass.
Our printing techniques can create single- and multi-colour motifs, individual photo motifs or translucent colours.
You can choose between ceramic digital printing or screen printing
for glass design. Which of the methods is best for you depends on the areas of application, the respective print run and the colours and motifs you require. We will be pleased to discuss your individual options personally.

Our wall systems impress thanks to simple assembly. They replace
tiles, for example, and are suitable for modernisations. All processing such as holes
or cut-outs are possible, depending on technical feasibility. Ideal for all those who wish to renovate or modernise and also perfect as a quick solution in a new building.

Wall mount
Wall mount
Available options to fasten showers
Hinge finishes
Hinge finishes
Selection of finishes and colours for fittings
Accessories for your dream shower
Wide handle selection for customised showers
With glass finishes free of limescale and bacteria
There are different types of glass for greater individuality
Shower design
Shower design
The SPRINZ shower can be customised to your preferences with a favourite motif on the rear panel or shower glass, special finishes and much more.
Spare parts
Spare parts
You can order spare parts here
Wall design systems
Wall design systems
Favourite motif or pattern as a design element – also for barrier-free products
Partition systems
Partition systems
Eminently suitable for the public sector


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