Sprinz System Premium LED
System Premium LED

Gleaming motifs with LED for personalised bathrooms

System Premium LED
Safety glass and LED – with changing colours and radiant motifs

Select toughened safety glass in dimensions up to 1.600 x 3.200 mm for a special shower rear panel. Combined with a RGB colour change controller, LEDs bathe your bathroom in a consistent tone, in a changing play of light, cool white or blended white. Whether you wish to relax or animate, use the remote control to set the right mood easily. Alternatively, the LED light allows gleaming UV digital prints to radiate. Select images from the Sprinz motif catalogue. Sprinz will print your personal favourite motif on request. Design your dream bathroom or shower cabin with System Premium LED from Sprinz.


Technical details

  • 6-mm toughened safety glass made of white glass
  • Dimensions up to 3.200 x 1.600 mm
  • Weight: about 27 kg per m²
  • All processing such as drill holes or cut-outs possible, depending on whether they are technically feasible
  • Narrow structural design: overall structure 21,5 mm
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC; you must take into account hazard zones 0-1-2 and 3 as per DIN 0100-701 during installation
  • Colour reproduction: 2.700–6.500 Kelvin in the white range and the entire colour spectrum for RGB colour reproduction or blended white (white adaption)
  • Includes power supply unit, controller remote control and dimmer
  • Optionally available with Wi-Fi controller to control with mobile telephone
  • Thermally resistant and easy to clean
  • Gleaming colours, pin-sharp motifs
  • Special motifs can be acquired on different portals online

Light variants

kaltweiss.jpgCold white
SPRINZ LEDController.jpg

In addition to the optional remote control, the LEDs can be controlled via a Wi-Fi controller on an app on a smartphone or tablet. With the Magic Home app, you can also activate the controller when you are out and about thanks to the remote function. It can be operated both as a standalone device and as a subordinated device in a home network. Several controllers can be brought together in groups and be activated individually or in synchronisation. You can use the app to manage light colour, brightness and individual colour gradients and determine the speed and type of colour change. You can download the Magic Home app free of charge from the Apple App Store (iOS 6.0 and above) and Google Play Store (Android 2.3.3 and above).


Fastening system

SPRINZ Premium Montagesystem.jpg

The aluminium frame can only be mounted on suspension rails on the outer corners, which need to be fitted to the wall beforehand. The system cannot be fitted to ceiling height in this case. A clearance space of at least 10 mm is required to mount panels. If the suspension rails are not used, a few spots of silicone on the rear of the aluminium profile are sufficient to fasten the panel to the wall.
The System Premium LED is a closed system. If you wish to use a wall bracket, Sprinz needs to pre-drill the holes required to hold the bracket.


Standard cut-out

SPRINZ Premium Stromfuehrung Vorderansicht.jpg
Standard cut-out frontal view

Standard cut-out for power line, bottom right – frontal view

SPRINZ Premium Stromfuehrung Rueckansicht.jpg
Standard cut-out rear view

Standard cut-out for power line, bottom right – rear view


Side trim

SPRINZ Premium Anschluss Duschkabine Wandprofil.png

Connection option shower unit wall profile

SPRINZ Premium Anschluss Duschkabine Wandwinkel.png

Connection option shower unit wall bracket


World of Motifs

4011 Wellensturm shutterstock 318681374 print WEB 2018 11 15 10 09 26 2019 01 21 12 47 12.jpg

Gleaming, photo-realistic motifs are not only a real eye-catcher, but also give bathrooms a unique vibrancy. Choose your favourite motif from the extensive Sprinz motif catalogue. Sprinz will also print your own template on request. High-grade printing methods ensure a perfect visual effect and a long life cycle. Select your ideal image from the motif catalogue. Cut-outs can be adjusted for any pattern if the x and y coordinates are indicated.

Premium LED
Premium LED
Safety glass and LED – with changing colours and radiant motifs
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System Classic
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TWS System Premium LED
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TWS System Classic
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Spare parts
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World of Motifs
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