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Kitchen World design

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Sprinz Kitchen World design

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Kitchen World allows you to design kitchens to suit your needs and preferences. Complete as a dream kitchen or with a selected individual piece. Sprinz will custom-manufacture your kitchen rear panel and worktop. You can design an exceptional eye-catcher with printed motifs. You can combine materials, surfaces and lighting however you wish. Discover all the options open to you here.


Design of worktops and rear panels

SPRINZ Kueche Gestaltungsm Arbeitsplatte WEB.jpgSPRINZ Kueche Gestaltungsm Rueckwand WEB.jpg

You are in the right place if you are wondering what colour worktop you should have or if you are looking for ideas for your kitchen rear panel. Select a printed glass panel with an anti-scratch surface, elegant porcelain ceramic or stylish LED lighting. You can design your kitchen rear panel with printed glass, porcelain ceramic or LED lighting. You will find vibrant images in the Sprinz motif catalogue. We will custom-print your favourite image just for you on request.


LED and colour and material selection

Glass colours for worktops and rear panels

Iron grey 7011
Oyster white 1013
White aluminium 9006
Pure white 9010
Graphite black 9011
Grey aluminium 9007
Ruby red 3003
Light ivory 1015
Yellow green 6018

Other colours...

... can be ordered freely from the RAL CLASSIC colour system with a longer delivery period. Sample compulsory (at extra cost).

Porcelain ceramic for worktops and rear panels

oxide nero.jpgOxide Nero
oxide moro.jpgOxide Moro
oxide perla.jpgOxide Perla
pietra di savoia antracite.jpgPietra di savoia antracite
pietra di savoia grigia.jpgPietra di savoia grigia
pietra di savoia perla.jpgPietra di savoia perla
weissglas.jpgWhite glass
float klarglas.jpgFloat (Clear glass)

LED lighting for worktop and rear panels

kaltweiss.jpgCold white
neutralweiss.jpgNeutral white
warmweiss.jpgWarm white


SPRINZ Bearbeitungen Eckausschnitt.pngCorner cut-out
SPRINZ Bearbeitungen Eckabschnitt.pngCorner section
SPRINZ Bearbeitungen Rundecke.pngRounded corner
SPRINZ Bearbeitungen Schraegschnitt.pngBevel cut
SPRINZ Bearbeitungen Randausschnitt.pngEdge cut-out


0419 Gewuerze fotolia 138648489 Banner web.jpg

Add another special accent to your kitchen besides radiant RAL CLASSIC colours: vibrant, photo-realistic motifs are not only a real eye-catcher, but also give the kitchen your individual touch. Choose your favourite motif from our extensive online motif catalogue. We can also print motifs from individual templates on request. High-grade printing methods ensure a perfect visual effect and a long durability.

Kitchen rear panels
Kitchen rear panels
An eye-catcher in the kitchen: extra-wide glass elements without butt joints, coloured, with vibrant images and textures
Motif world for vibrant images
Extensive worktops made of glass, porcelain ceramic and with LED
Lighting and glass ideas for your kitchen
Rail system
Rail system
For all items which you like to have ready at hand


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