SPRINZ glass worktops

Just the way you like it: made of coloured glass, porcelain ceramic or with controllable lighting

Sprinz worktops

Worktops – extensive surfaces without butt joints

With a maximum length of up to 3,600 mm (glass) or up to 3,200 mm (ceramic), worktops form extensive work surfaces without any intrusive, unhygienic abutting edges. The kitchen worktops are as robust as they are beautiful. Under-mount sinks, flush-mounted or top-mounted sinks and hobs or other functional elements are integrated wherever they are needed.

SPRINZ KuecheOrangeMauer ArbeitsplatteLED Unterschrank35 Hochschrank35 Rueckwand0427Mauerweiss Deko web.jpg
SPRINZ GlasArbeitsplatte 9011Graphitschwarz Abtropfrinne Teller web.jpg
SPRINZ Arbeitsplatten Arbeitsplatte9010Reinweiss Spuelbecken eckig Detail web.jpg
SPRINZ Porzellankeramik Arbeitsplatte OxidMoro Kaffe Detail Querformat web.jpg
SPRINZ Porzellankeramik Rueckwand OxidPerla Detail Kante web.jpg


Also with LEDAlso with LED

This product is also available with illumination


Sprinz products can be variably designed and adapted to personal preferences

made in Germanymade in Germany

Our products are developed and manufactured “made in Germany” in our Sprinz factories with more than 130 years’ experience

Quality productQuality product

Highest standards of design, material and production for Sprinz quality products

Easy to cleanEasy to clean

Special features like flush-mounted fittings or dirt-repellent surfaces


Sprinz products are durable, so they contribute to sustainable building


Technical details

  • Closed surfaces: bacteria, fungi and mould cannot penetrate
  • Hygienic: completely food-safe
  • Does not absorb moisture as 100% non-organic
  • Heat-resistant, acid-resistant, alkaline-resistant
  • No odour or moisture absorbed or emitted
  • Robust, anti-scratch surface finish
  • Worktops with maximum length of 3,600 mm
  • Top-mounted sinks and hobs are possible
  • For all under-mount sinks with a radius of 10 mm or above
  • For all flush-mounted sinks and hobs with a radius of 10 mm or above
  • Milled drip groove option
  • LED lighting option

Worktops made of porcelain ceramic and glass laminate

Worktops with porcellain ceramic by SPRINZWorktops with porcellain ceramic by SPRINZ

Harder than granite and as light as aluminium, a porcelain ceramic worktop provides scope for creative designs. The Sprinz kitchen worktop can be designed to a maximum length of 3,200 mm. By combining it with a suitable
rear panel and colour variants which resemble oxidised metal or granite,
you can create your own personalised look.


Colour selection

oxide nero.jpgOxide Nero
oxide moro.jpgOxide Moro
oxide perla.jpgOxide Perla
pietra di savoia antracite.jpgPietra di savoia antracite
pietra di savoia grigia.jpgPietra di savoia grigia
pietra di savoia perla.jpgPietra di savoia perla
weissglas.jpgWhite glass
float klarglas.jpgFloat (Clear glass)

Worktops with LED

Worktop with LED by SPRINZWorktop with LED by SPRINZ

Elegant, robust, long-lasting and flexible in their design. With Sprinz safety glass, you can create an exceptional worktop up to maximum dimensions of 3,600 by 1,600 mm. The special anti-scratch chemical surface hardening ensures a robust surface. Toughened safety glass is used in the white glass version to provide a pristine visual effect. Off-the-wall solutions are created when combined with LED lighting. The LED lighting changes as you require, with alternative tones available in cool, neutral or warm white. In the mix white version, the lighting switches between warm white and cool white. The stepless transition from colour to colour defines the changing RGB colours. Use colour to set the right mood to relax or animate.
Positive benefit: The LED technology ensures a homogeneous light distribution. LEDs generally consume less electricity than other lights. They are durable and have a long service life.


Colour selection

kaltweiss.jpgCold white
neutralweiss.jpgNeutral white
warmweiss.jpgWarm white


SPRINZ LEDController.jpg

In addition to the optional remote control, the LEDs can be controlled via a Wi-Fi controller on an app on a smartphone or tablet. With the Magic Home app, you can also activate the controller when you are out and about thanks to the remote function. It can be operated both as a standalone device and as a subordinated device in a home network. Several controllers can be brought together in groups and be activated individually or in synchronisation. You can use the app to manage light colour, brightness and individual colour gradients and determine the speed and type of colour change. You can download the Magic Home app free of charge from the Apple App Store (iOS 6.0 and above) and Google Play Store (Android 2.3.3 and above).


Coloured glass worktops

SPRINZ Kuechenarbeitsplatte Glas TextBild zentriert 1 Bild

Set clear signals, achieve perfect harmony – design your surfaces and kitchen to your taste with the RAL CLASSIC colour palette.


Colour selection

Regular delivery period (5 weeks)

Iron grey 7011
Oyster white 1013
White aluminium 9006
Pure white 9010
Graphite black 9011
Grey aluminium 9007
Ruby red 3003
Light ivory 1015
Yellow green 6018
Iron grey 7011
Oyster white 1013
White aluminium 9006
Pure white 9010
Graphite black 9011
Grey aluminium 9007
Ruby red 3003
Light ivory 1015
Yellow green 6018

Other colours...

... can be ordered freely from the RAL CLASSIC colour system with a longer delivery period. Sample compulsory (at extra cost).

Kitchen rear panels
Kitchen rear panels
An eye-catcher in the kitchen: extra-wide glass elements without butt joints, coloured, with vibrant images and textures
Motif world for vibrant images
Extensive worktops made of glass, porcelain ceramic and with LED
Lighting and glass ideas for your kitchen
Rail system
Rail system
For all items which you like to have ready at hand


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