World of Motifs
World of Motifs

Vibrant motifs on glass

Motif catalogue

Colour and motifs for expressive glass ideas

Special interiors and outdoor spaces live on shapes, colours and exceptional ideas. Printed glass lets you design bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces, commercial spaces, façades and privacy screens individually and with lots of imagination. We offer a large selection of motifs and patterns. For ease of orientation, we have arranged the motif catalogue by bathroom, kitchen, interior and exterior. Given the appropriate quality, we also print photos from other databases and your personal archive.

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World of Showers Motifs

The motifs in our World of Showers offer extraordinary images revolving around the beach, water, relaxation and leisure. Design your shower rear panel, walk-in shower, or shower unit with photo-realistic motifs or attractive patterns. Give an entire wall a one-of-a-kind ambience. Design WC and sanitary facilities, stalls and dressing rooms for commercial use that are memorably different.

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Kitchen World Motifs

Discover motifs for your kitchen’s rear panel in UV digital printing as well as fronts and rear panels with graphic designs.

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Interior Motifs

Give glass doors, sliding doors and swing doors that special finish with patterns and unique motifs. Patterns and motifs are applied using ceramic digital printing and screen printing.

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Exterior Motifs

The World of Motifs for privacy screens and balcony balustrades contains patterns, matt and frosted white surfaces, translucent colours and motifs. The ceramic digital printing and screen printing methods produce long-lasting, robust prints.


Overview of printing processes

Overview printing process

Serial printing, individual glass elements, exposed to weather and moisture – Sprinz uses the right printing process for every requirement. SpriColor UV digital printing produces vibrant and bright images printed on the reverse side of wall glazings, for example. Ceramic screen and digital printing are particularly UV-resistant and robust. Which of the methods is best depends on the area of application, the respective print run and the colours and motifs you require. Our World of Motifs guides you through all of the possibilities. We will gladly advise you on your individual motif printing ideas.


Ceramic screen printing

In screen printing, the ceramic colour is printed onto the glass through a fine sieve. You have your choice of different RAL colours, one or two of which can be printed on the entire surface. Fired into the glass at high temperatures, they are robust, easy to clean and UV-resistant.

  • Colour is printed through a fine sieve
  • RAL colours fired to cover the entire or part of the surface
  • Non-slip, translucent, opaque and highly opaque are possible
  • Resistant to solvents
  • Abrasion-resistant in accordance with DIN
  • Robust, easy to clean and UV-resistant
  • Maximum screen size: 2.200 x 3.700 mm
SPRINZ ceramic screen printingSPRINZ ceramic screen printingSPRINZ ceramic screen printingSPRINZ ceramic screen printing

Ceramic digital printing

The digital printing process transfers the print image directly from the computer onto the printing machine. Colour is printed onto the glass surface by means of a digital printer. Unlike ceramic screen printing, the digital printing process does not require a sieve. The process applies up to five different colours (red, green, blue, yellow and black) at the same time and allows for a finer surface finish with a palpably discreet structure. The colour looks nearly identical on both sides. The maximum glass size for ceramic digital printing is 1.400 x 2.800 mm.

  • Transfer of print image from the computer to the printing machine
  • Colour is printed on the glass surface by means of digital printing
  • Up to five different colours (red, green, blue, yellow and black) and blended colours
  • Finer surface finish with a palpably discreet structure
  • Colour impression on either side almost identical
  • Max. print size: 1.400 mm x 2.800 mm
SPRINZ ceramic digital printingSPRINZ ceramic digital printingSPRINZ ceramic digital printingSPRINZ ceramic digital printing

SpriColor UV digital printing

The digital printer transfers the print image directly from the computer onto the glass surface. Unlike in ceramic screen printing, no sieve is required. The slightly satinised look of the dried ink makes for vibrant colours. UV hardening after the printing increases the print’s durability. The maximum glass size for SpriColor UV digital printing is 3.200 x 1.600 mm. Larger formats upon request, max. glass weight 80 kg.

  • Photo-quality printing in CMYK
  • Individual design in vibrant colours using SPRINZ digital print templates or images provided by the customer
  • max. 3.200 x 1.600 mm
  • max. glass weight 80 kg
SPRINZ UV digital printingSPRINZ UV digital printingSPRINZ UV digital printingSPRINZ UV digital printing

Scaling & Cut-outs

Select your favourite patterns from our SPRINZ motif collection. Cut-outs can be made of any pattern by indicating the x and y coordinates. We will be glad to assist with your questions on individual cut-outs and scaling.

Image detailImage detail

Photo databases

As an alternative to our patterns, you also have the option of finding the right motif for UV digital printing in a photo database. When selecting a motif, please make sure that the image format fits the format of your rear panel. A panorama image is perfect for a long and narrow rear panel, for example, but is not suitable for square print areas. Also, not all patterns can be enlarged as desired.

How to select an image from a photo database:

  • Access one of the known image databases in your web browser.
  • Enter a search term.
  • You can narrow the results by using specific search options, e.g. by applying the search filter with the “Panorama” options for kitchen rear panels.
  • Select your chosen image and change the dimensions from pixel to cm.
  • Take the largest dimensions and multiply them by 3. This gives you the maximum print size of your image. (For best results we need a resolution of at least 100 dpi in the original size.)
World of Showers Motifs
World of Showers Motifs
Here you will find motifs for our World of Showers
Exterior Motifs
Exterior Motifs
Here you will find our motifs for exterior areas
Interior Motifs
Interior Motifs
Here you will find motifs for interiors
Kitchen World Motifs
Kitchen World Motifs
Here you will find motifs for our Kitchen World


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