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Glass doors

Safety glass with a high-quality finish

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Glass doors – more light and individual design

Glass doors give structure without separating. Even small rooms seem larger and more friendly. For individually designed doors, Sprinz finishes the glass door with ceramic screen printing or fluted bevels or combines the two techniques. On the following pages, you will discover exclusive glass doors made of safety glass as well as glass design ideas for your home – from entry area to kitchen, bedroom and kids’ room all the way to the office.

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Ceramic printing

Sprinz prints photos and colourful patterns with ceramic inks. The inks are fired into the glass, so they are resistant to sunlight, moisture and indoor heat.

Fluted bevel

Fluted bevel patterns give glass doors a very unique, unmistakable personality. A bevel is milled into the glass surface. Sprinz offers a large selection of patterns.


A Premium glass door by Sprinz combines single or multi-colour ceramic screen printing with fluted bevels. The result is a particularly vibrant look, with the light breaking individually and harmoniously in the bevel.

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Laminated safety glass

A glass door or wall made of laminated safety glass is particularly robust and looks exceptionally refined. Two individual safety glasses are laminated together with a tear-proof film.



Also with motifAlso with motif

This product can be personalized with a motif


Sprinz products can be variably designed and adapted to personal preferences

made in Germanymade in Germany

Our products are developed and manufactured “made in Germany” in our Sprinz factories with more than 130 years’ experience

Quality productQuality product

Highest standards of design, material and production for Sprinz quality products


Technical details

Glass doors are designed, manufactured and finished in the Sprinz factories. Their quality begins with the premium raw materials used for the glass and fittings. The result ranges from subtle elegance to modern design. Exclusive glass doors are made with precision and care.

  • High-quality glass combined with finished hinges and fittings.
  • Different effects are achieved with different printing and bevels.
  • With clear or opaque glass
  • Lots of design templates for your real glass door
  • Also possible with customized dimensions
  • Individual artistic glass motif creations are possible any time
  • Our professionals will custom-fit your door for installation

Difference between clear glass and white glass

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Glass is transparent but not colourless. Glass has a natural greenish tint (photo at left), which intensifies the thicker the glass pane is. With white glass, this green tint is significantly reduced. So we use white glass whenever you want a glass door or ceramic print to be affected as little as possible by the green tint of the glass.


There are many shades of white

Sprinz offers three variants of matt white glass doors. They differ in their translucency and offer different degrees of privacy.

Matt white on clear glassMatt white on clear glass

Finely satinised with a rather high level of translucency. Ideal as a door for rooms where translucency and transparency are desired. For example, in the kitchen, living room or dining room

Frosted white on clear glassFrosted white on clear glass

Significantly less transparent than matt white. Ideal as a door for rooms where less translucency and transparency are desired. For example, in the bathroom, guest toilet or office

Diamond white on white glassDiamond white on white glass

Even less transparent than frosted white. SPRINZ diamond white harmonizes exquisitely with white lacquered wooden doors. A combination of white wooden doors and glass doors with motifs in diamond white is perfect match. As a base glass, we recommend the white glass with reduced green tint.

Glass doors
Glass doors
Individual designs with ceramic screen printing and fluted bevels or in combination
Swing doors
Swing doors
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Sliding doors
Sliding doors
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All-glass systems
All-glass systems
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Premium surface finishes, perfect functions, specifically designed for glass doors, wooden doors and windows
Door design
Door design
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Spare parts
Spare parts
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Fittings technology
Fittings technology
These door handles, pull handles, handle shells, lock cases, profiles and hinges all fit together perfectly
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Wall glazing
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