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Sliding systems

Flexible glass for balconies and terraces

Extend your outdoor season effortlessly

Outdoor sliding system – extends the outdoor season

The Motion Outdoor sliding system provides an optimum climate, ensuring life on the balcony or terrace is that much more fun. You can relocate the flexible Sprinz glass elements as you wish, allowing you to block out draughts and cold or let in a refreshing breeze. With no obtrusive frames or completely frameless, the toughened safety glass provides a clear, unobstructed view. The glass elements are securely guided in a ceiling and floor track. Balcony glazing and terrace glazing are also mounted as a retrofit. Motion Outdoor sliding systems are delivered ready assembled and are installed in next to no time. Motion 2000 Outdoor is produced with toughened safety glass with a low installation depth. If you require noise and burglary protection, then choose Motion 2100 Outdoor with laminated safety glass and a floor corner lock. You can order Motion 2100 Outdoor with electric door opening if you wish.


Motion 2000 Outdoor sliding system

Motion 2000 Outdoor allows you to design ceiling-height terrace glazing or a sliding window for your balcony. The system is suitable for a retrofit modernisation. Pre-assembled in the Sprinz factory, the elements are quickly and flawlessly installed. The white or matt chrome profiles are arranged behind one another or next to each other. The toughened safety glass is manufactured to a maximum size of 2.500 mm, depending on the wind zone.


Technical details

  • All-glass sliding systems above and below with end-to-end profiles
  • For 2, 3 and 4 tracks
  • Glass elements are arranged behind one another or next to each other
  • Can be slid to left or right
  • Top anti-leverage protection on glass slide sash
  • Max. sash weight 60 kg
  • Max. size 2.500 mm, depending on the wind zone
  • Glass slide sash with bonded profiles at top and bottom ex factory
  • Designed to hold 8, 10 and 12 mm toughened safety glass
  • Profile surfaces available in matt chrome or white
  • Possible as balcony glazing (fitted on existing balustrade) or terrace glazing (ceiling height)

Motion 2100 Outdoor sliding system

Motion 2100 Outdoor is a frameless glass panelling system for balconies or terraces. The Sprinz sliding system is mounted in a single track in front of the wall and in a single or double track on the ceiling. Laminated safety glass with a floor corner lock to provide greater security and noise protection on request. The glazing is optionally fitted with an electric door opener for greater convenience and barrier-free access.


Technical details

  • Frameless sliding system made of certified 8 or 10 mm safety glass and 10 or 12 mm laminated safety glass
  • Single-track fitting in front of the wall
  • Single- or two-track on the ceiling
  • Increased burglary protection with toughened safety glazing combined with floor corner lock
  • EV1 aluminium surface
  • Max. sash weight: 120 kg
  • Maximum glass width: 1.400 mm
  • Two edge cut-outs must be made for the glass clamping system
  • For fitting in front of windows and terrace doors
  • Optionally fitted soft stop with closing damper and back check for a max. sash weight of 100 kg
  • Provided with optional electric door opening/closing
  • Not a fall protection system
Privacy screens
Privacy screens
Noise, wind and glances stay on the outside with opaque- or matt-printed safety glass.
Post systems
Post systems
System Compact and System Premium combine individual glass elements to form a privacy screen or glass fence.
Balcony systems
Balcony systems
Create with clear glass, colour and frosting
Safety glass for light and weather protection
Motion Outdoor
Motion Outdoor
Sliding system – can also be retrofitted
Ideas made of glass, with ceramic print and LEDs for outdoor areas
You will find façades and stairways under Architecture
Spare parts
Spare parts
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