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Joh. Sprinz GmbH & Co. KG – a company with a long-standing history

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Founded in 1886, today, Joh. Sprinz GmbH & Co. KG is regarded as a long-established, medium-sized, owner-operated family enterprise.

Established as a grocer, the company has subsequently grown from being a glass wholesaler to an all-inclusive glazing supplier.

Back in 1948, the company Johann SPRINZ would deliver 1.5 tonnes of glass per day on its first lorry, an Opel Blitz. Today, it processes about 110 tonnes of raw glass into shower enclosures, glass doors, partition systems, façades or other special, high-quality glass products on a daily basis. This makes Sprinz one of the leading glazing specialists in Germany. Now run by the fourth generation of the family, the company lives and breathes glass, combining "experience with innovation and high-tech with craftsmanship".

Today, some 380 employees embrace this philosophy in the production facilities at the company's headquarters in Grünkraut, near Ravensburg. Southern Germany. From from the original idea to development and production, the made-in-Germany concept is put into practice in bathroom fittings, component retailing, interior and exterior design, building glass, insulating glass, the glass Kitchen World and the World of Glass showroom. This ensures customers receive consistently high quality, flexibility, distinctive innovative products, beautiful designs, inspiring solutions, precise craftsmanship, customised solutions and fast, reliable service.

Since 2008, the company has delivered optimum raw glass quality in partnership with the Euroglas glassworks near Magdeburg. Everything is made in Germany and comes from a single source– from the raw materials and the initial original idea through to development and production.

SPRINZ manufactures toughened safety glass, laminated safety glass and insulating glass and enhances its glass products with motifs, patterns or slip-resistant and water-repellent surfaces. One speciality is high-quality ceramic screen printing on glass, used to create vivid colours and motifs. SPRINZ is the only company in Germany that carries out four-colour ceramic screen glass printing in photo quality.

Glass products are used in interior and exterior design. SPRINZ supplies an extensive range of bathroom fitting and furnishing products, such as real glass showers, washbasins, mirrors, glass heating systems, radiator panelling and partition wall systems. The focus is on frameless real glass showers with hinges flush on the inside. SPRINZ started to include shower enclosure hinges that are flush with the surface on the inside in its range back in 1997. This fitting technology, which ensures quick, easy cleaning, has become the standard in recent years.

All glass products are characterised by design and innovation. The iF Design Award, Plus X Award, Design Plus Prize and nomination for the German Design Prize are some of the accolades SPRINZ has received over recent years.

Firmly established in the region, the company sells its branded products all over Germany via respected specialised dealers and also has a strong international focus.
SPRINZ has created a name for itself with its World of Glass showroom. The showroom displays practical examples of different glass applications and also serves as a centre for innovations and seminars.



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2016: 130-year company anniversary

SPRINZ 2011 Isolierglasproduktion web

2011: The new insulating glass production facility is constructed and commissioned.

SPRINZ 2010 Luftaufnahme web

2010: A neighbouring plot with an existing building purchased. Plan for a new factory with a glazing warehouse and workshops for cutting and a fully automated insulating glass production for triple-layer laminated panes.

SPRINZ 2008 Euroglas web

2008: Euroglas glassworks commissioned in Osterweddingen, near Magdeburg, in the consolidated group with other partners.

SPRINZ Ausstellung Glaswelt Aussenansicht web

2005: 200 m² World of Glass showroom opened and the company headquarters and the Insulating Glass, Glass Construction and Retailing Departments relocated to the current Grünkraut site.

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2004: A fully automated cutting facility goes into operation to cover SPRINZ's entire requirements.

SPRINZ 2002 Sprinter web

2002: The first standard frameless glass shower Sprinter introduced.

Duschwanne Element Plus

2001: Two-sided SIRIUS hinge technology, flush on the inside, is developed for shower enclosures. The ELEMENT shower tray and MIROTHERM mirror heating added to the range.

SPRINZ 2000 SprathermHeizkoerper web

2000: The SUPRATHERM glass radiator added to range.

SPRINZ 2000 Sanitaergebaeude web

2000: Bathroom fittings building completed in Grünkraut-Gullen.

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1999: Glass bending machine purchased to bend glazings into different shapes and radii for round showers.

SPRINZ 1998 AdolfFischbach web

1998: Senior partner Adolf Fischbach dies at the age of 88.

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1997: ZIRKON hinge technology, flush on the inside, is introduced for shower enclosures. Glass & light products and AQUATEC washbasin added to range.

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1994: Product range extended to include laminated safety glass.

SPRINZ 1990 ESG Duschabtrennungen

1990: The first toughened glass shower enclosures.

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1988: Screen printing department established.

SPRINZ 1985 Werbung NeuesZeitalter web

1985: A new era starts: products in demand on the market are developed and manufactured, including glass doors, door cut-outs, stairways and toughened safety glass shower enclosures.

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1983: Plot for the current company headquarters purchased, spread over more than 10.000 m².

SPRINZ 1980 Neubau Goethestrasse web

1980: New administrative building constructed in Goethestrasse with a showroom, where the first products are displayed.

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1973: Composite window production set up as an alternative to wooden windows.

SPRINZ 1970 Marienplatz Haushaltswarengeschaeft web

1970: The SPRINZ houseware store.

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1960: Plot purchased at Goethestrasse 36 in Ravensburg. 1.000 m² unit built on the site for glass wholesale.

SPRINZ 1920 Marienplatz web

1920: Marienplatz in Ravensburg.

SPRINZ 1920 Marienplatz Kolonialwarengeschaeft web
Around 1920

Around 1920: the SPRINZ grocer's.

SPRINZ 1886 Gruendung web

1886: Glazier Johann Sprinz establishes a glazing store on Marienplatz in Ravensburg. Extended to include glass and porcelain goods at a later date.

SPRINZ 1886 Zeitungsartikel web

Newspaper article from 1886

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