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Glass balustrades

Safe, beautiful and individual

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Glass balustrades for balconies and stairways

Glass stairways and balcony rails are becoming increasingly more popular in architecture. Transparent glass makes balconies look bigger, bringing them lightness. You can create Sprinz glass balustrades with clear glass, matt printed glass or highly opaque colours. The fired ceramic paints are non-fading and UV-resistant. Together with aluminium profiles and fittings, you can create a balcony rail which sun, rain and environmental influences are unable to harm. You'll never need to paint again and thus save time and money. The glazing is suitable for new buildings and renovations. The glass elements for balconies and stairways are manufactured as per the dimensional plan and are mounted either on the floor or the front face. Approvals or component tests of the various versions are available.


Installation variants

Balcony system installation recommendations
One-sided balconyOne-sided balcony
L-shaped balconyL-shaped balcony
U-shaped balconyU-shaped balcony

Sekurita – Built-in balustrade glazing

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Balcony systems today have to satisfy high fall protection requirements. All building supervisory test certificates address this aspect. Our clamped balcony balustrade system clamps the glass banister with just a floor profile. No posts are necessary between the individual glass panes. The handrail is attached directly to the upper glass edge. Our system offers all necessary safety features with a general building supervisory test certificate and the necessary static wind force calculations. The simple assembly system saves money and allows for individual panes to be replaced at a later date. The balcony glass is of particular significance. A tested laminated safety glass (VSG) of at least 16 mm thickness is used. Due to the glass weight, we recommend a maximum width of 2,500 mm per individual glass element. This system is also available as a gallery in the interiors segment.

The glasses for the system can be refined with a motif from ceramic digital or screen printing. You can find an overview of motifs in our exterior motif world.


Technical details

  • Built-in glass balustrades according to general building supervisory approval
  • The floor profile is mounted directly onto the raw floor from above
  • The side profile is attached to the front face from the concrete ceiling
  • Max. glass dimensions: width up to 2,500 mm, height up to 1,100 mm
  • A stainless steel handrail is affixed end-to-end along the upper glass edge
  • The total height of the profile starts at 130 mm from the raw floor
  • Glazing in VSG 16/2 (2 x 8 mm ESG) or VSG 20/2 (2 x 10 mm ESG)

Infinity – Infill glass balustrades

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Balcony or stairway banisters protect people from falling and really catch the eye. The Infinity system consists of posts with handrails and filler glazing with a glass thickness of 12 mm. It has two panes that are laminated together with a tear-proof foil and thereby guarantee fall protection. The glass is clamped to the sides of the posts. The colour print is between the panes in the permanently protected area. We recommend choosing the glass elements' height so that the printed glass extends over the entire height of the bottom slab of your balcony. That way, the often dirty front face of the bottom slab of your house remains hidden from view. The fittings are made of no-maintenance massive aluminium, and are finished in the EV1 surface finish.

The glasses for the system can be refined with a motif from ceramic digital or screen printing. You can find an overview of motifs in our exterior motif world.


Technical details

  • Consoles for floor or front face assembly
  • Posts, handrail, linear glass panel clamping of high quality, no-maintenance aluminium
  • Aluminium posts 60 x 60 mm
  • Aluminium handrail in oval shape 67 x 20 mm
  • Linear glass panel clamping on posts left and right
  • Invisible variable connection of handrail and post
  • Surface in EV1
  • Surfaces of the fittings in RAL of choice
  • Glazing available in VSG 12/2 (2 x 6 mm ESG) or VSG 16/2 (2 x 8 mm ESG)
  • Maximum glass dimensions: 1,500 mm x 1,100 mm
  • Screen printing possible
  • Component test and static certificate available

Point-fixed glass balustrades

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Glass elements and discreet stainless steel fittings are increasingly combined for balconies and stairways in commercial and residential buildings. Sprinz point-fixed glass balustrades blend in harmoniously with modern architecture and meet requirements for optimum functions. Glass balustrades and stainless steel point brackets are maintenance-free and easy to clean. Glass balustrades are subject to German Technical Rules.


Technical details

  • Component test available
  • Stainless steel point brackets SpriPoint 40
  • VSG 12/2 (2x 6 mm ESG) with four glass bores
  • Posts and handrail installed on-site
Privacy screens
Privacy screens
Noise, wind and glances stay on the outside with opaque- or matt-printed safety glass.
Post systems
Post systems
System Compact and System Premium combine individual glass elements to form a privacy screen or glass fence.
Balcony systems
Balcony systems
Create with clear glass, colour and frosting
Safety glass for light and weather protection
Motion Outdoor
Motion Outdoor
Sliding system – can also be retrofitted
Ideas made of glass, with ceramic print and LEDs for outdoor areas
You will find façades and stairways under Architecture
Spare parts
Spare parts
You can order spare parts here


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