Modern-Line mirror cabinet with top panel light in frame form (GLSR)

Plenty of storage space, large mirror surface and countless LED ideas

Modern-Line as a surface-mount version with GLSU light

Modern-Line mirror cabinets

The Sprinz Modern-Line mirror cabinets fit in every bathroom and are flexible in their design. Opt for a flush-mounted installation of the mirror cabinet, or feature the side elements in black, white or mirror glass in the surface-mount version. Combine one of the many LED ideas with Modern-Line.


Technical details

A total of four models are available. Everything is possible: from a single-door unit to a four-door one measuring between 400 and 2.000 mm. Customised cabinets can also be created with Modern-Line.

One option to custom-design Modern-Line consists in selecting the side elements and the rear panel. You can choose between a mirror and black or white glass.

The conventionally mounted mirror cabinet can also be fitted with a rear panel light. Top panel lights and pendant luminaires can also be used.

Precisely adjustable hinges with attenuation included combined with ergonomic handles ensure doors are pleasant to open and close.

Technical design

  • Aluminium mirror cabinet concept with mirror glass or glass panes on the sides
  • Body interior in matt aluminium or gloss aluminium – exterior sides optionally with mirror glass or black/white glass panes. Body mounted at 90 °, including all-round rubber seal
  • Double mirror door with precisely adjustable hinges including attenuation and mounted handles
  • Choice between a mirror rear panel and black or white glass rear panels
  • Four models with symmetrical door configuration are available:
  • 1-door model between 400 and 500 mm
  • 2-door model between 500 and 1.000 mm
  • 3-door model between 750 and 1.500 mm
  • 4-door model between 1.000 and 2.000 mm
  • An option for flush-mounted installation is not available due to the mirror or glass attached to the sides
  • Rear panel lighting can also be added as an option
  • The standard electrical panel is equipped with a double rocker switch and two sockets. Placed behind the right exterior door. Another panel with two sockets can be added as an option. This panel is located behind the left exterior door
  • Customised and asymmetrical model design possible
  • Interior and washbasin lighting can be combined
  • Top panel lights and pendant luminaires can also be used

Body finish

SPRINZ Farbe AluMatt print WEB.jpgMatt aluminium
SPRINZ Farbe AluGlanz print WEB.jpgGloss aluminium

Body exterior

icon glas spiegel.jpgMirror

Rear panel

icon glas spiegel.jpgMirror

Overview of models

SPRINZ Modern-Line, model types as shown with symmetrical mirror doors
Modern-Line one door
Modern-Line two doors
Modern-Line three doors
Modern-Line four doors
SPRINZ Modern-Line, model types as shown with asymmetrical mirror doors
Modern Line Asymmetrisch 01.png
Modern Line Asymmetrisch 02.png
Modern Line Asymmetrisch 03.png
Modern Line Asymmetrisch 04.png

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