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Elegance and lighting like velvet

Perfection in form and light

Elegant-Line mirror cabinet – lifestyle in the bathroom

A quick glance into the mirror easily lasts somewhat longer with the Elegant-Line mirror cabinets from Sprinz. The vertical lighting with LED technology and detachable plastic screen defines the design of this mirror cabinet. The Elegant-Line mirror cabinet exterior is available with a matt aluminium or glossy aluminium colour scheme.


Technical details

Sprinz Elegant-Line is available in nine models with different layouts for lighting strips. Everything is possible: from a single-door unit to a four-door one measuring between 500 and 2.250 mm.

The body interior and exterior can also be featured in matt or glossy aluminium.

Precisely adjustable hinges with attenuation included combined with ergonomic handles ensure doors are pleasant to open and close.

Customised cabinets can also be put together and produced.

Using black and white rear panel glass panes as an alternative to a mirror rear panel provides a further option to custom-design the SPRINZ Elegant-Line.

Additional glass panes in black or white and as a mirror are available to vary the colour of the aluminium body on the exterior. Using these panes increases the overall dimensions by 10 mm.

Technical design

  • Aluminium mirror cabinet concept with integrated vertical lighting, LED technology
  • Body in matt or glossy aluminium on inside and outside. Body mitred, including all-round rubber seal
  • Double mirror door with precisely adjustable hinges including attenuation and mounted handles
  • You can choose between a mirror rear panel, or black or white glass
  • rear panels
  • Nine models with a symmetrical door configuration are available:
  • 1-door unit with vertical lighting on outside, measuring between 500 and 600 mm
  • 2-door unit with vertical lighting on outside, measuring between 600 and 1.100 mm
  • 3-door unit with vertical lighting on inside or outside and combined inside and outside, measuring between 850 and 1.700 mm
  • 4-door unit with vertical lighting on inside or outside and combined inside and outside, measuring between 1.100 and 2.250 mm
  • Optionally, all cabinets can be flush-mounted. A cover frame with optional LED lighting is available to conceal the joint between the installation niche and the mirror cabinet.
  • Installation boxes can be ordered with each mirror cabinet as an option. These are compatible with the installation cover frame. The installation boxes are not included in the delivery package
  • Rear panel lighting can be added as an option to the surface-mounted version
  • Side panes can be optionally attached as mirror glass or as black/white glass panes. This means the overall mirror cabinet width is increased by 10 mm.
  • A flush-mounted installation is not possible if side glass panes are fitted!
  • The standard electrical panel is equipped with two double rocker switches and two sockets. Placed behind the right exterior door. Another panel with two sockets can be added as an option. This panel is located behind the left exterior door
  • Customised and asymmetrical model design possible
  • Interior and washbasin lighting can be combined
  • Top panel lights and pendant luminaires can also be used

Body finish

SPRINZ Farbe AluMatt print WEB.jpgMatt aluminium
SPRINZ Farbe AluGlanz print WEB.jpgGloss aluminium

Rear panel

icon glas spiegel.jpgMirror

Overview of models

SPRINZ Elegant-Line, model types as shown with symmetrical mirror doors
Elegant-Line one door
Elegant-Line two doors
Elegant-Line three doors
Elegant-Line three doors
Elegant-Line three doors
Elegant-Line four doors
Elegant-Line four doors
Elegant-Line four doors
SPRINZ Elegant-Line, model types as shown with asymmetrical mirror doors
tuere asymmetrisch modell 01
tuere asymmetrisch modell 02.png
tuere asymmetrisch modell 03.png
tuere asymmetrisch modell 04.png
tuere asymmetrisch modell 05.png
tuere asymmetrisch modell 06.png
tuere asymmetrisch modell 07.png
tuere asymmetrisch modell 08.png

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