Handle shells & Pull handles
Handle shells & Pull handles

Perfect style for swing and sliding doors

Handle shells & Pull handles
Handle shells and pull handles – a wide selection

You can choose your favourite combination of handle shells and pull handles for your sliding or swing door. Form modern to classic, you design glass doors that perfectly match your private room, office or commercial space. Depending in the type of handle, you select the perfect finish such as stainless steel, aluminium, in matt chrome or matt nickel, polished or matt. For a distinctive look and convenient cleaning, the handle shells are recessed flush into the glass. Quite often, a sliding door cannot be opened all the way because a handle shell hits a frame or wall. With the Sprinz handle shells recessed flush into the glass, the entire width of the door can be used.


Handle shells

SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Griffmuschel150 rund print.jpg
Handle shell 150
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Griffmuschel151 rund print.jpg
Handle shell 151
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Griffmuschel155 rund Heidegger print.jpg
Handle shell 155
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Griffmuschel157 print.jpg
Handle shell 157
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Griffmuschel152 eckig print.jpg
Handle shell 152
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Griffmuschel156 eckig Heidegger print.jpg
Handle shell 156
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Griffmuschel154 SDesign EV1 print.jpg
Handle shell 154
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Griffmuschel155 rund Heidegger print.jpg
Handle shell 158

Pull handles

SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Stossgriff Kreativ edelstahl zweiseitig print.jpg
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Stossgriff Heaven edelstahl zweiseitig print.jpg
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Stossgriff Style edelstahl zweiseitig print.jpg
SPRINZ Zubehoer Stossgriff T Griff zweinseitig print.jpg
T-handle, two-sided
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Stossgriff TGriff einseitig edelstahl Heidegger print.jpg
T-handle, one-sided
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Stossgriff Bauhaus rund edelstahl zweiseitig print.jpg
Bauhaus round
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Stossgriff Bauhaus eckig edelstahl zweiseitig Heidegger print.jpg
Bauhaus angular
Vorlage Stossgriffe.jpg
Purist Handle bar
SPRINZ Zubehoer Griff Griffstange Basic145 print.jpg
Basic Handle Bar
SPRINZ Zubehoer Stossgriff Kombi Griff

Finishes for handles

edelstahl matt.jpgStainless steel matt
edelstahl poliert.jpgStainless steel polished
edelstahleffekt.jpgStainless-steel look
aehnlich edelstahl.jpgSimilar to stainless steel
schwarz mattBlack matt
mattchrom.jpgMatt chrome
mattnickel.jpgMatt nickel

What finishes are possible for which handles?

Oberflaechen Griffe EN 2021
Glass doors
Glass doors
Individual designs with ceramic screen printing and fluted bevels or in combination
Swing doors
Swing doors
Comfort in its most appealing form
Sliding doors
Sliding doors
The right solution for every room and every preference
All-glass systems
All-glass systems
For private living homes, commercial and public spaces
Premium surface finishes, perfect functions, specifically designed for glass doors, wooden doors and windows
Choose from various types of glass
Door design
Door design
Discover your individual design options
Spare parts
Spare parts
You can order spare parts here
Fittings technology
Fittings technology
These door handles, pull handles, handle shells, lock cases, profiles and hinges all fit together perfectly
Topics like glass stairways or balustrade glazing are found in our Architecture section
Wall glazing
Wall glazing
Generous elements in colour and with motif


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