TWS 100 Plus
TWS 100 Plus

Design and function for dressing rooms and toilet stalls

TWS 100 Plus

Partition system TWS 100 Plus – with integrated spring for self-closing doors

The partition system TWS 100 Plus is characterised by high standards of functionality and design and is intended for dressing rooms and toilet stalls.

The stalls offer generous floor space, good accessibility and are equipped with an integrated spring to close the door automatically. Stability is guaranteed by the upper reinforcement. The Sprinz system also offers extension options, urinal partitions and accessories like toilet paper holders, toilet brush holders and garment hooks.

The hygienic and easy-to-clean 10 mm toughened safety glass can be custom-finished with high-quality ceramic screen or digital printing. Multi-coloured surfaces, decorative designs or motifs in vibrant photo print quality offer creative options for different colour concepts.
Handles, fittings, feet and holders in matt chrome further enhance the TWS 100 Plus. The point brackets flush-mounted in the outside of the glass also add a touch of elegance.


Overview of models

Type A
A1 Ground clearanceA1 Ground clearance
A2 Ground clearanceA2 Ground clearance
A3 Ground clearanceA3 Ground clearance
A4 Ground clearanceA4 Ground clearance
A5 Ground clearanceA5 Ground clearance
A6 Ground clearanceA6 Ground clearance
A7 Ground clearanceA7 Ground clearance
A8 Ground clearanceA8 Ground clearance
A1 floor levelA1 floor level
A2 floor levelA2 floor level
A3 floor levelA3 floor level
A4 floor levelA4 floor level
A5 floor levelA5 floor level
A6 floor levelA6 floor level
A7 floor levelA7 floor level
A8 floor levelA8 floor level
Type B
B1 Ground clearanceB1 Ground clearance
B2 Ground clearanceB2 Ground clearance
B1 floor levelB1 floor level
B2 floor levelB2 floor level
Type C
C1 Ground clearanceC1 Ground clearance
C2 Ground clearanceC2 Ground clearance
C3 Ground clearanceC3 Ground clearance
C1 floor levelC1 floor level
C2 floor levelC2 floor level
C3 floor levelC3 floor level
Type D
D2 Ground clearanceD2 Ground clearance
SPRINZ TWS100Plus Detail Gestaenge print.jpg
SPRINZ TWS100Plus Detail Stuetzfuss print.jpg
SPRINZ TWS100Plus Detail Tuerschloss print.jpg
SPRINZ TWS100Plus Detail Wandwinkel GW print.jpg
SPRINZ TWS100Plus Detail Wandbefestigung Seitenwand print.jpg
SPRINZ TWS100Plus Detail Wandbefestigung Urinal print.jpg

Benefits at a glance

  • Integrated spring for self-closing doors
  • Premium look: flush-mounted point brackets, delicate and easy-to-clean
  • Easy and flexible mounting: Different stall models can be achieved with just a few fittings
  • Fitting finishes and privacy seal (inside the stall) in matt chrome
  • High level of stability
  • Variable options for ground air circulation and total height
  • Ground clearance of 65 to 150 mm, foot and upper brace offset 150 mm to the inside
  • Variant without ground clearance with U-profile on the floor (door with 10 mm clearance)
  • Extension options, urinal partitions and accessories such as toilet paper holders, extra roll holders, toilet brush holders (all in high-gloss chrome) and garment hooks with stoppers (matt chrome) are also available
  • Unlimited design options with ceramic screen printing
  • (one or multi-coloured), also with personalised motifs

Technical details

Technical design

• Toughened safety glass 10 mm of float glass with all-over highly opaque screen print according to RAL on the inside of the stall, edges polished
• Fitting finish matt chrome (similar to E6/EV1)
• Flush-mounted point brackets on the outside Ø 35 mm horizontally on an axis
• Toilet revolving lock with locking mechanism inside, indicator inside and out red/green, emergency opening from outside
• Doors self-closing with spring in hinge
• Doors open inward, widths of 600–900 mm possible
• Privacy seal on door gap inside
• Foot and upper brace offset 150 mm to the inside
• Foot Ø 25 mm with floor plate Ø 70 mm, height adjustable +/- 7 mm
• Upper brace with square tubing 25 mm

Standard dimensions

• System height including upper reinforcement 2.100 mm
• System height 2.050 mm
• Glass height 1.900 mm
• Ground clearance 150 mm

Variable options without additional charge

• Doors open outward, max. opening angle 100°
(Opening limiter required)
• Ground clearance 65–150 mm possible
• Without ground clearance with aluminium U-profile 20 x 20 mm in matt chrome on the floor, door clearance 10 mm
• Foot and upper reinforcement offset up to 250 mm to the inside possible

Variable options at additional charge

• Toughened safety glass 10 mm of white glass for light colours, motifs or logo
• Laminated safety glass 11 mm of toughened safety glass 6 mm (float glass) with screen print toward the lamination + toughened safety glass 5 mm of float glass with flush-mounted point bracket
• Laminated safety glass 11 mm of toughened safety glass 6 mm (white glass) with screen print toward the lamination + toughened safety glass 5 mm of white glass with flush-mounted point bracket
• System height up to 2.500 mm
• Doors open outward, max. opening angle 100° with overhead closer
(Opening limiter)
• Glass inside with antibacterial glass finish SpriMedical®
• Bores for toilet roll holders for centre stalls
• Garment hooks with stopper (see fold-out)


Colours overview ceramic screen printing

Green beige

RAL 1000


RAL 1014

Oyster white

RAL 1013

Light ivory

RAL 1015

Olive yellow

RAL 1020

Carmine red

RAL 3002

Ruby red

RAL 3003

Purple red

RAL 3004

Wine red

RAL 3005

Black red

RAL 3007

Brilliant blue

RAL 5007

Turquoise blue

RAL 5018

Capri blue

RAL 5019

Ocean blue

RAL 5020

Pastel blue

RAL 5024

Patina green

RAL 6000

Olive green

RAL 6003

Bottle green

RAL 6007

Black olive

RAL 6015

Pastel green

RAL 6019

Olive drab

RAL 6022

Mint turquoise

RAL 6033

Pastel turquoise

RAL 6034

Squirrel grey

RAL 7000

Silver grey

RAL 7001

Moss grey

RAL 7003

Signal grey

RAL 7004

Mouse grey

RAL 7005

Beige grey

RAL 7006

Green grey

RAL 7009

Iron grey

RAL 7011

Basalt grey

RAL 7012

Slate grey

RAL 7015

Anthracite grey

RAL 7016

Black grey

RAL 7021

Umbra grey

RAL 7022

Concrete grey

RAL 7023

Graphite grey

RAL 7024

Stone grey

RAL 7030

Blue grey

RAL 7031

Pebble grey

RAL 7032

Light grey

RAL 7035

Platinum grey

RAL 7036

Dusty grey

RAL 7037

Agate grey

RAL 7038

Quartz grey

RAL 7039

Window grey

RAL 7040

Traffic grey A

RAL 7042

Traffic grey B

RAL 7043

Silk grey

RAL 7044

Telegrey 1

RAL 7045

Telegrey 2

RAL 7046

Telegrey 4

RAL 7047

Nut brown

RAL 8011

Sepia brown

RAL 8014

Chestnut brown

RAL 8015

Mahogany brown

RAL 8016

Chocolate brown

RAL 8017

Grey brown

RAL 8019

Pale brown

RAL 8025


RAL 9003
RAL 9010
RAL 9016


RAL 9004
RAL 9005
RAL 9011
RAL 9017

Papyrus white

RAL 9018

More colours ...

... can be ordered freely from the RAL CLASSIC colour system. Sample compulsory (at extra cost).


Garment hooks with stopper

SPRINZ Rendering Kleiderhaken Anschlagpuffer Heidegger print 2018 12 13 09 56 02.jpg

The garment hook with stopper is a practical accessory. With its pin for hanging items, it is very versatile and works for purses or jackets.
The garment hooks are available for one or two-directional mounting and can also be glued on or attached to a tile wall. The many adaptation possibilities make the product an indispensable assistant.

Garment hooks Overview of models
Coat hooks for gluing
Coat hook one-sided
Coat hooks on both sides
Coat hook wall mounting

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