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All-glass systems

Product Information

The sophisticated all-glass systems from SPRINZ can be used fl exibly as an exclusive and stylish element in room design. All-glass systems provide fascinating options not only in private homes but also in commercial or public buildings. New ideas can be implemented in room planning by making skilful use of light, seethrough, see-in and semi-transparent features, individual decoration patterns and versatile system alternatives and combinations. The extensive range of fi ttings also enables any standard all-glass systems as well as special individual designs to be realised in a technically perfect and attractively designed way. SPRINZ supplies individual problem solutions, involving a large selection of different glass types and structures, eye-catching colour printing and stunning finishes.

SPRINZ all-glass systems
SPRINZ all-glass systems
SPRINZ all-glass systems



Product brochure

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The following customers have decided to purchase our all-glass systems:

All-glass system - Volvo trade fair stand
All-glass system in a parish church


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