Sprinter Plus shower joint rod
Sprinter Plus

You can select this shower unit from more than 20 models and in different dimensions. The shower is quickly fitted thanks to pre-assembly in the Sprinz factory. Also available as a floor-level shower.

Sprinter Plus shower

Sprinter Plus – the fast, flexible shower

The glass shower unit is supplied quickly and flexibly directly from stock. Sprinter Plus is available in many models: as a niche, corner access, five-sided model, quadrant, a u-shaped shower unit, partition and shower panel for the bathtub. The swing doors opening inwards and outwards ensure users can easily get in and out. The shower enclosure is suitable for level-access installation with the door hinge raise-and-lower function. The shower unit is pre-assembled and is thus installed in no time at all. Adjustable profiles level out wall slopes as required. Many handle types available at no extra charge.


Technical details

Partially framedPartially framed
Swing door, one-waySwing door, one-way
Swing door, two-waySwing door, two-way

In old buildings with uneven walls, the profile of partially framed showers compensates for much of the unevenness and an exact fit can be ensured safely and reliably for floor-level showers. For example, the profiles offer greater sturdiness and splash protection and can be combined with flush-mounted hinges.

A swing door with one or two panels offers safe and easy access. To open the doors, there needs to be a large enough area in front of the shower.

A two-way swing door is ideal if there is little space as the glass door opens outwards and inwards. If the cabin is large enough, the door is easy to close after entering the shower.

  • High-quality toughened safety glass, 6 mm thick
  • Raise-and-lower mechanism: especially suitable for floor-level solutions
  • Guaranteed easy to clean thanks to flush-mounted profile on the inside
  • Many models with swing doors opening inwards and outwards, ideal for small bathrooms
  • Quick and easy installation as pre-assembled
  • Variable profiles level out wall slopes (adjustment range +/– 9 mm)
  • May be made to measure
  • Many other handle types available at no extra charge
SPRINZ SchlauchBad Hauptschuss SilverLine Waschtischkonsole ModernUnit SprinterPlus geschlossen web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Viertelkreis web
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SPRINZ SprinterPlus web

Overview of models

Four-sided shower
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 33 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 11 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 32 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 10 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 14 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 13 2 web
Five-sided shower
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 42 43 44 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 52 53 54 55 56 web
Quadrant shower
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 15 16 17 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 25 26 27 web
Niche solution
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 35 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 36 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 37 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 21 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 22 web
Bathtub solution
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 34 web
SPRINZ SprinterPlus Piktogramm 12 web
Wall mount
Wall mount
Available options to fasten showers
Hinge finishes
Hinge finishes
Selection of finishes and colours for fittings
Accessories for your dream shower
Wide handle selection for customised showers
With glass finishes free of limescale and bacteria
There are different types of glass for greater individuality
Shower design
Shower design
The SPRINZ shower can be customised to your preferences with a favourite motif on the rear panel or shower glass, special finishes and much more.
Spare parts
Spare parts
You can order spare parts here
Wall design systems
Wall design systems
Favourite motif or pattern as a design element – also for barrier-free products
Partition systems
Partition systems
Eminently suitable for the public sector


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