Opalin S shower detail view with HPL rear panel
Opalin S

This shower enclosure really pops. Opalin S stages the shower door guide track as a statement in chrome or high-gloss silver.

Opalin S shower with HPL rear panel, door open

Opalin S – the impressive shower

The distinctive track for the sliding door adds appealing touches to the bathroom. The ball bearing rollers ensure a gentle, quiet glide and a long service life. Opalin S is available as shower door for a niche, as a corner access or quadrant. Combine this Sprinz shower unit with large shower trays up to 1600 x 1600 mm. The quadrant shower unit matches shower trays in 900 x 900 and 1000 x 1000 mm format. Depending on the floor plan, the shower enclosure can be installed directly next to the bathtub. Individual customisations are available to meet personal preferences.


Technical details

Sliding doorSliding door

Intricate, high-quality hinges in different finishes to match components such as the fittings that connect the glass elements, the wall or the doors as a moving part. They are flush-mounted with the surface of the toughened safety glass, which makes them easier to clean and maintain.

Profile showers with sliding doors are sturdy and ideal for bathrooms with a small layout, offering generous access widths. Clever, lift-up profiles and guides ensure easy cleaning.

  • Sturdy version for doors and side sections in high-grade 8 mm toughened safety glass
  • Flush-mounted hinges in chrome or high-gloss silver
  • Ball bearing roller, top, for long
  • service life and optimum slide performance
  • Roller size ø 41 mm, frame height 45 mm
  • Can be supplied with wall profiles or wall brackets
  • Available for shower trays
  • May be made to measure
  • Can be supplied with direct wall mount option
  • Can be supplied with wall profile
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SPRINZ OpalinS Detail Laufrollen web
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Overview of models

Four-sided shower
SPRINZ OpalinS Piktogramm 10 rahmenlos web
SPRINZ OpalinS Piktogramm 11 rahmenlos web
SPRINZ OpalinS Piktogramm 19 rahmenlos web
Quadrant shower
SPRINZ OpalinS Piktogramm 25 26 rahmenlos web
Niche solution
SPRINZ OpalinS Piktogramm 23 rahmenlos web
Wall mount
Wall mount
Available options to fasten showers
Hinge finishes
Hinge finishes
Selection of finishes and colours for fittings
Accessories for your dream shower
Wide handle selection for customised showers
With glass finishes free of limescale and bacteria
There are different types of glass for greater individuality
Shower design
Shower design
The SPRINZ shower can be customised to your preferences with a favourite motif on the rear panel or shower glass, special finishes and much more.
Spare parts
Spare parts
You can order spare parts here
Wall design systems
Wall design systems
Favourite motif or pattern as a design element – also for barrier-free products
Partition systems
Partition systems
Eminently suitable for the public sector


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Product information

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