Omega 150 shower, fitting with offset rotation point
Omega 150

With the Omega 150 hinge, you open the shower door "around the corner" in difficult spaces. The door can be opened comfortably and wide thanks to the offset rotation point.

Omega 150 glass shower

Omega 150 – the shower which will fit into any corner

A spacious shower is very high on the wish list for beautiful bathrooms. Things get cramped in small bathrooms or if the shower door collides with built-in fittings and fixtures. The Omega 150 shower unit fits nicely thanks to an offset rotation point if there is a radiator or other fixture in the way. The door hinge provides a wide opening angle, allowing users to access the shower safely and comfortably. The raise-and-lower swing hinge is able to do more. Although it may sound cumbersome, it is extremely flexible and practical. With the raise-and-lower swing hinge, doors open in both directions – inwards and outwards. On closing, the shower door lowers, ensuring even greater protection against splashing.


Technical details

Swing door, two-waySwing door, two-way
Offset rotation pointOffset rotation point

Intricate, high-quality hinges in different finishes to match components such as the fittings that connect the glass elements, the wall or the doors as a moving part. They are flush-mounted with the surface of the toughened safety glass, which makes them easier to clean and maintain.

A two-way swing door is ideal if there is little space as the glass door opens outwards and inwards. If the cabin is large enough, the door is easy to close after entering the shower.

A door hinge with an offset rotation point of, for example, 150 mm allows a glass door to be opened far ahead of any obstacle such as a radiator, bathroom furniture or a wall projection, enabling a one-way or two-way swing door to be installed.

  • High-quality toughened safety glass, 8 mm thick
  • Raise-and-lower swing fitting for easy inward and outward opening
  • Offset rotation point in the hinge for a wide opening angle
  • Door requires less clearance space for opening due to less projection outwards, ideal for small bathrooms
  • Continuous vertical seal in the hinge area (glass–wall) provides optimal splash water protection
  • Easy to clean thanks to flush-mounted hinges on the inside
  • Many other handle types available at no extra charge
  • Special heights, special finishes and special glazings available
SPRINZ Omega150 SmartLine Hauptschuss web
SPRINZ Omega150 Tuergriff web
SPRINZ Omega150 VersetzterDrehpunkt aussen unten web
SPRINZ Omega150 VersetzterDrehpunkt innen oben web

Overview of models

Four-sided shower
SPRINZ Omega150 Piktogramm 13 web
SPRINZ Omega150 Piktogramm 17 web
Niche solution
SPRINZ Omega150 Piktogramm 20 web
SPRINZ Omega150 Piktogramm 22 web
SPRINZ Omega150 Piktogramm 23 web
Bathtub solution
SPRINZ Omega150 Piktogramm 14 web
SPRINZ Omega150 Piktogramm 18 web
SPRINZ Omega150 Piktogramm 31 web
Wall mount
Wall mount
Available options to fasten showers
Hinge finishes
Hinge finishes
Selection of finishes and colours for fittings
Accessories for your dream shower
Wide handle selection for customised showers
With glass finishes free of limescale and bacteria
There are different types of glass for greater individuality
Shower design
Shower design
The SPRINZ shower can be customised to your preferences with a favourite motif on the rear panel or shower glass, special finishes and much more.
Spare parts
Spare parts
You can order spare parts here
Wall design systems
Wall design systems
Favourite motif or pattern as a design element – also for barrier-free products
Partition systems
Partition systems
Eminently suitable for the public sector


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