Classical-Line mirror cabinet with matt aluminium body and illuminated Taly cover frame
Mirror cabinets

Discover your desired configuration for better organisation

Customised mirror cabinets for your bathroom – example: Modern-Line mirror cabinet with glossy aluminium body, side surfaces in white glass and optionally available GLSU lighting

Mirror cabinet – the focal feature in your bathroom

Custom-compose Sprinz mirror cabinets. We offer an exceptionally wide variety of combinations, materials and colours. You can include asymmetrical doors or order a made-to-measure mirror cabinet. The body is always crafted in high-grade aluminium. Elegant mirror glass is combined with printed glass. You can select LEDs as desired for the mirror cabinet with lighting. Interio-Line ensures better organisation in mirror cabinets. Get to know the collections.

SPRINZ ClassicalLine AluMatt Taly TEASER
Classical-Line & Classical-Line Vario

The Sprinz Classical-Line mirror cabinets are characterised by clean, straight lines. Stripped back to the essentials, it’s our personal "classic" which adds that special touch to your bathroom.

SPRINZ ModernLineVario AluMatt Spiegel Vorwandinstallation TEASER

The Sprinz Modern-Line mirror cabinets combine mirror doors with black and white glass panes at the side. Mirrors can also be featured on the side elements as an alternative. Combine this mirror cabinet with different LED ideas.

SPRINZ Spiegelschrank ElegantLine

The Sprinz Elegant-Line mirror cabinets combine a vertical lighting strip with mirror glass. The LED lighting is concealed behind a detachable plastic screen. The mirror cabinet optionally features matt or glossy aluminium on its exterior.

SPRINZ EinSchickerNeuanfang SilverLine TEASER

The Sprinz Silver-Line mirror cabinets showcase elegant glass and LED lighting. The mirror doors serve as a backdrop for vertical screens made of semi-satinised glass. The mirror surface is gently and uniformly illuminated.



Bathroom furniture
Bathroom furniture
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Wall<br />mirrors
Bathroom mirrors made of elegant glass with LEDs
Mirror cabinets
Mirror cabinets
Configure your individual mirror cabinet. We offer an exceptionally wide variety of combinations, materials and colours.
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Discover the many LED lights
Installation box
Installation box
Faster, more convenient flush-mounted installation for all mirror cabinets
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Cover frame
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Cabinet lighting
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