ColorStar: Motif Matterhorn at Stellisee

Vibrant motifs in laminated glass for your walk-in solution

Dusche ColorStar motif Sunrise on the ocean

ColorStar – Vibrant motifs in laminated glass for your Walk-in solution

Combine the luxurious XXL size with radiant motifs for your individual walk-in shower. Laminated safety glass provides safety and elegance. The UV digital print adds rich colour or a slightly transparent effect. Select your favourite motif for your shower from the SPRINZ range or have your own favourite photo printed on your walk-in shower.


Technical Details

Walk-in glass showerWalk-in glass shower

Fixed glass walls can be combined with rear panels and a shower base made of glass. Narrow, moving side elements create a flexible splash guard. Glass elements are made to measure.

  • Laminated safety glass (VSG) 10 mm of 2 x 5 mm white glass, polished
  • Widths of 1,200, 1,400 and 1,600 mm
  • Two-sided UV digital print in the discretion area
  • The privacy section is 70 cm tall and begins at a height of 70 cm
  • Perpendicular and horizontal bevel cuts (+/-2 mm to +/-25 mm) are included in the price
  • Bevelled edges on the inside and outside are charged extra
  • Wall clamp profile aluminium high-gloss polished adjustment range +/-8 mm
  • The glass elements are mounted directly to a wall
  • Incl. stabilizing bar glass/wall cubic
  • Special heights/special finishes/special glazings available
Sprinz ColorStar AbendrotAufSylt web
ColorStar stabilizing bar
ColorStar stabilizing bar
ColorStar laminated glass detail
ColorStar laminated glass detail
ColorStar wall profile
ColorStar wall profile

Pricing examples

SPRINZ ColorStar Preisbox 530px B 530px
Price from 1886 € incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

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Overview of models

Wall profile
SPRINZ ColorStar Piktogramm 33 teilgerahmt


SPRINZ ColorStar HoherSichtschutz Featurebox Paar

High level of privacy

The highly opaque white print offers particularly vibrant colour and a high level of privacy. Alternatively, two different motifs can be printed on the front and back.

SPRINZ ColorStar LeichtTransparent Featurebox Paar

Slightly transparent

Reduced opacity creates transparent motifs. The level of transparency will vary depending on the motif.


VSG with print in the lamination

SPRINZ ColorStar Skizze Aufbau EN

Laminated safety glass makes this free-standing shower even more stable and robust. SPRISAFE laminated safety glass from SPRINZ consists of two sheets of glass that are firmly bonded with a layer of tear-resistant, water-repellent film. The print is between the sheets of glass, so it is protected from damage. If in rare cases the glass is shattered by impact, the fragments stick to the laminating film and thereby reduce the risk of injury.


ColorStar Motifs

Afterglow on the island of Sylt | 5004
Afterglow on the island of Sylt | 5004Max. 3,540 x 883 mm
Wooden bridge | 5006
Wooden bridge | 5006Max. 2,500 x 1,648 mm
Idyll | 5007
Idyll | 5007Max. 900 x 1,500 mm
Matterhorn at Stellisee | 5002
Matterhorn at Stellisee | 5002Max. 3,200 x 1,125 mm
Raindrops | 5009
Raindrops | 5009Max. 3,200 x 800 mm
Schneegipfel/Weißdruck auf Parsol grau | 5008
Schneegipfel/Weißdruck auf Parsol grau | 5008Max. 4,317 x 945 mm
Sunrise on the ocean | 5001
Sunrise on the ocean | 5001Max. 3,558 x 897 mm
Water | 5003
Water | 5003max. 2,800 x 1,863 mm
Waves | 5010
Waves | 5010Max. 3,200 x 800 mm
Wave storm | 5005
Wave storm | 5005Max. 1,524 x 2.286 mm
Wall mount
Wall mount
Available options to fasten showers
Hinge finishes
Hinge finishes
Selection of finishes and colours for fittings
Accessories for your dream shower
Wide handle selection for customised showers
With glass finishes free of limescale and bacteria
There are different types of glass for greater individuality
Shower design
Shower design
The SPRINZ shower can be customised to your preferences with a favourite motif on the rear panel or shower glass, special finishes and much more.
Spare parts
Spare parts
You can order spare parts here
Wall design systems
Wall design systems
Favourite motif or pattern as a design element – also for barrier-free products
Partition systems
Partition systems
Eminently suitable for the public sector


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