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Topillu Nebelschwade

Ceramic digital printing

In the digital printing process, the print motif is transferred directly from the computer to the printng machine. The ink is printed on the surface of the glass with the help of the digital printng machine. In contrast to the conventional ceramic screen printing process, a screen is no longer necessary in the digital printing process. The process applies up to five different colours at the same time and enables a finer surface finish to be achieved with a noticeably discreet structure. The colour impression is almost identical on both sides.

Duschrueckwand Fische
Duschrueckwand Bambus
Digitaldruck Tuere

Technical possibilities / properties:

  • Individual colour system with five basic colours (red, green, blue, yellow, black) and blends of them
  • Up to five different colours can be applied at the same time
  • Finer surface finish, less structure noticeable than with the screen printing process
  • Colour impression almost identical on both sides
  • Combination with ceramic screen printing possible
  • Shorter lead and production time
  • Screen costs are eliminated
  • Max. printing dimensions 1.400 x 2.800 mm
  • Glass thickness range 3 – 19 mm
  • Minimum dimensions 200 x 300 mm
  • Maximum pane weight 180 kg
Duschrueckwand Nebel
Dusche Nebelschwade
Dusche Nebelschwade Detail

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